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Our principles

OUR WEALTH MANAGEMENT takes your needs into account

Individual investment concepts

We will personally draw up an individual, distinctive investment concept. An indispensable prerequisite for this is an open, frank discussion in which you let us know your wishes, objectives and reservations. Our experts will then carefully assess your suggestions and incorporate them in the concept.

Whether you have deposited your monies with one or several banks, whether you hold particular preferences or aversions towards countries or sectors, or simply want to achieve the best possible return - the individual investment concept from DCP Wealth Management will take your needs into account.

Classic investment policy

Our investment policy is based on giving your capital an international structure. The objective of this is to achieve the best possible safeguarding against possible negative political, economic or legal events and your wealth will be preserved for you and future generations even in times of crisis.

In addition to the diversification according to investment media and currencies, we attach great importance to the timing of every single investment decision.

Security is the first priority everywhere and at all times. Speculative portfolios have no place in our corporate philosophy and are rejected.

reputable working methods

We act on your behalf as wealth manager on the basis of a limited power of attorney. The mandate authorises us to undertake purchases and sales of securities, foreign exchange transactions, investments in money market securities etc. Your accounts will be maintained in your name at one or more banks of your choice. DCP Wealth Management cannot withdraw or transfer monies or securities.

We monitor the bank transactions and draw up a detailed valuation of your portfolio with a performance statement.

The portfolio valuation will be sent to you on a regular basis in the reference currency of your choice.

International experience

The open, trusting contact with you and our correspondents all over the world - brokers, banking, business and stock market experts – constitute the information source for our activities.

We take an impartial and thorough approach to scrutinising daily newspapers and specialist publications alike – it's all part of what we do.

We attach particular importance to personal international experience and training of DCP Wealth Management employees. This allows us to offer our international, multicultural clientele a comprehensive wealth management service.


The nurturing of family assets from one generation to the next calls for our utmost attention

We ensure that everything is in good order, enabling you to go about your business unimpeded and take on new challenges. To ensure that your prosperity is an asset, not a burden.

Global generalists

As global generalists and co-ordinators, we are able to structure your assets and draw up a succession arrangement in conjunction with you.


With regard to questions of domicile all over the world, we can provide assistance with organising a move to another country in which your family may wish to live in the future.

Broad support

We can assist you with organisations and projects to which you can relate on an emotional level and we will of course also deal with bookkeeping and transfers, taxation and insurances.


Our Family-Office concept offers you an all-round service: We will seek out the right boarding school for your children, your new home or the gardener to keep your property well maintained.

Our clients

The majority of our wealthy international private clients come from Switzerland and elsewhere in Europe and have assets of at least one million Swiss francs or equivalent.

Multibank clients and clients who prefer tailor-made solutions and personal accents to mass business are particularly appreciative of our work and benefit from advantages others cannot offer:

Short decision-making paths thanks to a small, well-established team

Continuity of relationship; long-serving employees

Personal atmosphere

Innovative investment concepts

We are not under pressure to achieve a specific turnover and are therefore able to focus on working in a cost-conscious manner

Custodian Banks

Your choice of a bank is entirely up to you. We will however also be pleased to recommend inexpensive alternatives in Switzerland and abroad.


The costs of our wealth management are comprised of a management fee and an incentive fee.

Best execution

When executing our transactions, we always strive for the best possible result for our clients. To achieve this goal, we have established best execution principles that we always follow. We will be happy to provide the exact details upon request.


DCP WEALTH MANAGEMENT is part of DCP CLIENT PARTNER AG and thus one of the largest wealth managers in Switzerland.